A model facility in the fight against the coronavirus

The Domenico Cotugno Hospital in Naples, Italy, has taken extraordinary steps to expand its capacity and to protect its healthcare workers in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. Measures include equipping doctors with ultra-high-tech masks and hermetically sealed, thick waterproof suits, and separating infected areas from sterile ones. As new patients have been admitted, the corridors are locked down to prevent the spread of the virus. The hospital has been recognised for its efforts to protect its staff from infection.

Expanding capacity
Ahead of the virus invading Italy’s third-largest city, the hospital proactively undertook a major expansion, to enable it to cope with the expected in-flux of patients. A vital part of this expansion was the construction of a sewage treatment and lifting station to manage the hospital’s inevitable increase in wastewater. Xylem is proud to have played a part in the project through the provision of equipment to support the safe treatment of the hospital’s wastewater, including the elimination of harmful pathogens such as COVID-19.

Now as doctors and nurses work tirelessly to treat the sick, and as the hospital’s facilities are driven to the limit, the facility’s leadership can feel confident that a sustainable system is in place for the safe disposal of wastewater. Thanks to the contractor Italcostruzioni Srls, the station has been equipped with a MyConnect control panel together with a Flygt SR4610 mixing system to effectively remove pathogens from the water, and two Flygt NP3069HT pumps to power the release of the water into the city’s sewer system.

About the Technology
The optimised system will support the hospital in its battle against the coronavirus. The high-performing Flygt NP3069HT submersible pumps reduce waste content to fine slurry, facilitating its removal via the facilities small-diameter pipes and powering its challenging uphill journey to reach the city’s sewage system. Equipped with a unique impeller for optimum hydraulic efficiency and engineered to meet the challenges of a wastewater system, the pumps reduce the risk of blockages and wastewater overflows throughout the hospital.