A Minute with Yaniv Schmidt, Director of Solutions, IDE Technologies

Following our chat with Frédéric Théry from Veolia Water Technologies, WWA caught up with Yaniv Schmidt, Director of Solutions at IDE Technologies.

1. Many countries in APAC and especially SEA are facing huge problems related to water due to climate change. How can IDE Technologies help to mitigate these issues as a desalination giant?

We agree that that climate change is influencing many countries (e.g. Malaysia, Indonesia, and others) which present a great opportunity for new water projects. IDE is leading the sustainable desalination revolution which started 10 years ago. We have been able to supply high-quality desalinated water for potable usage that is consumed by millions of people in India, China, Israel and the U.S. Current RO technology is much more affordable and reliable, making it the primary water source to some counties.

2. How have key water challenges influenced IDE’s strategies for this region?

I believe that the stability and political environment is the key for a successful development of the water infrastructure. Singapore is a great example, and I believe other countries will follow. IDE has been active in the Chinese, Indian and Australian markets for many years, and is planning to expand its activity to other markets in the reign.

3. How has business been going for IDE in this region? What are your strategies moving forward?

IDE has supplied the largest desalination facility in India and in China and the Singaporean market always presents new opportunities. We plan to invest more efforts in developing those markets and others. IDE opened a local office in Australia two years ago and is following this market closely.

4. What can we expect from IDE at SIWW?

We invite you to visit us at IDE Technologies’ booth, where we present “IDE Water Academy” a series of 10 technical seminars given by IDE’s leaders of various subjects (e.g. mega desalination plant, chemicals free desalination, industrial water treatment, pretreatment technologies, and more)*. The seminars are open to all visitors, and at the end of each seminar IDE will serve beer and snacks to our guests. Visitors to the IDE booth will also be able to attend a unique 3D 360º virtual tour in the Sorek desalination plant (the largest RO plant in the world) and the Carlsbad desalination plant (the largest RO plant in the Western Hemisphere.). Furthermore, IDE’s CTO, Dr. Boris Liberman, will give a talk during the conference sessions.

*Please contact zoeychong@pabloasia.com or waterandwastewaterasia@gmail.com for a list of available seminars.

5. What is the purpose of your visit to SIWW 2016 and what are your anticipations?

I’m looking forward to the SIWW, where I will have a chance to meet clients, colleagues and friends from the global water industry. At IDE, we believe in long-term partnerships and I think that this event is a great opportunity to strengthen those relationships. I will be attending the Industrial Water Solutions Forum (IWSF) Breakout Session 1 “Petrochemical Industry” as a key speaker on July 13.

Speak to an expert from IDE Technologies at B2-D20 at the Water Expo during SIWW 2016!