15 young talents awarded SSS 2023 

Aspiring engineers, chemists and a physicist were among the 15 young individuals who received the Singapore Sustainability Scholarship (SSS) from Grace Fu, minister for sustainability and the environment. The SSS, jointly offered by the National Environment Agency (NEA), national water agency PUB, and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), supports sustainability development under the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Each year, the SSS is said to nurture future leaders who will tackle challenges posed by climate change, energy efficiency, water resources and food security in Singapore. These scholars will pursue studies in engineering, environmental, food and science-related disciplines in either a local or overseas university, or polytechnic. Upon graduation, they will begin careers with NEA, PUB, or SFA, to contribute to the nation’s ambition towards a greener future. Since the inception of the SSS in 2008, a total of 239 scholarships have been awarded. SFA CEO Lim Kok Thai said, “Since SFA’s inception in 2019, a total of 64 scholars have benefited from this scholarship. These include six new scholars this year amongst which three are in-service officers.”

Fu presented certificates to 13 in-service scholars from the three agencies. In-service scholarships are part of the agencies’ efforts to foster a skilled and future-forward workforce to tackle demands of sustainable development.

NEA CEO Wong Kang Jet said, “The SSS is one of the ways to grow our talent pool and create opportunities for individuals who choose to pursue a career in these fields. This year, we welcome four SS scholars to our fold and congratulate our two in-service scholars.” PUB CEO Goh Si Hou added, “With climate change, ensuring water security and protecting our island from extreme weather and the rising seas are enduring priorities for Singapore. Our water story has been one of turning vulnerability to strength, and this will continue to require long-term planning, innovation and technical mastery. We are heartened that a new generation is rising to the challenge and joining PUB in this journey.”

Under the SSS, NEA, PUB and SFA offer both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships. Both undergraduates and fresh graduates are given the opportunity to pursue a mid-term and master’s scholarship. SFA also offers diploma scholarships to students in polytechnics. NEA focuses on environmental-related domains such as environmental engineering, environmental science, and sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences and meteorology. PUB focuses on engineering disciplines, including civil, electrical, environmental and mechanical engineering. SFA focuses on agricultural and aquacultural sciences, chemistry, and food science.