120Water hosts four-part May webinar series

120Water, the solutions provider for lead reduction and drinking water programmes, continues to provide tools to water professionals with its offering, an informative four-part webinar series. The month-long initiative will begin on Tuesday, 2 May 2023, and continue weekly. Individual webinar sessions will feature the 120Water team and customers, sharing how water utilities can prepare for the 2024 lead and copper rule revisions (LCRR) inventory deadline and future proof their programme management.

“With the LCRR inventory deadline looming, the priority for water systems across the country [is] to ensure these water professionals have guiding resource at their disposal,” said Megan Glover, CEO and co-founder of 120Water. “However, the initial inventory is the first step. Once that deadline comes and goes, more systems are starting to ask, and we want to be with them every step of the way, from inventory, lead pipe replacement, and beyond.”

To comply with LCRR, utilities have until October 2024 to compile a location-based inventory of service line materials, including public and private portions, and make this inventory available to the public. Beginning in 2025, community water systems must conduct sampling in at least 20% of elementary schools and childcare facilities each year, and continue for five years until all elementary schools and childcare facilities, except those built after 1 Jan 2014, have been sampled. Utilities must also collect drinking water samples from residences serviced by lead service lines (LSL), notify owners if there is an exceedance, maintain two-way communication, and develop a plan to replace these service lines.

The webinar series will cover the role of technology in lead pipe verification and replacement, and the ways programme management software can ensure resilience. A brief overview of the webinar schedule and each session’s corresponding topic is available online, with complimentary, individualised planning assistance for water utilities looking to understand the requirements of LCRR and assess their readiness to comply with the new regulation. Water systems can reserve their planning session now.