11-14 Jun 2017
Quebec, Canada

The 12th IWA Specialized Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA) will provide a forum to exchange methodologies and international experiences on all aspects of sensor technology, instrumentation, control and automation for water and wastewater treatment and transport systems. Specific topics will include sensors and instrumentation, modeling and simulation for control, control systems, detection and early warning systems, diagnosis systems, life cycle analysis, practical experiences with instrumentation and control, internet of things, cyber security, big data …

Advanced control is in high demand for water and wastewater systems. Indeed, ICA, often perceived as a hidden technology, is found in nearly all systems related to water supply and wastewater management. It was demonstrated that ICA is able to increase the capacity of biological nutrient removal wastewater treatment plants up to 30%. With further understanding and better exploitation of current and future capabilities, ICA technologies will continue to enhance water systems’ performances in the years to come. New internet-based developments like IoT and Big Data open up new opportunities for improved performance, but at the same time may pose threats in terms of cyber security.

The ICA Specialist Group organizes quadrennial conferences. The first one dates back to 1973 in London and Paris. The most recent editions were in June 2009 in Cairns, Australia and in September 2013 in Narbonne, France. The next major group gathering will be in June 2017 in Québec, QC, Canada during the 12th IWA conference on ICA.