07-09 Sep 2017
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“Sustainable Water & Sanitation Management”

Water and sanitation will continue to be key focus of the Government in improving the quality of life among Cambodians. CAMWATER ’16 – Cambodia’s No.1 international water and wastewater exhibition which will be held at the Diamond Island Exhibition Centre, Phnom Penh from 8-10 September 2016 is held to provide a platform for delivering solutions to meet the Kingdom’s increasing demand for water supply, sanitation and industrial wastewater treatment requirements. In addition, drainage systems are being upgraded to reduce flooding during raining season.

While sanitation and water supply has improved significantly in Phnom Penh, the Government need to make significant advances in water quality and greater access to water in other cities and rural areas. With international funding, the government is making large investments into new dams, catchment areas, and pipelines. Major cities are expanding and new buildings demand efficient and quality water piping and supply solutions and improve water loss and NRW. In addition, growing concerns regarding industrial pollution have spurred authorities to enforce strict rules on treatment of industrial wastewater. With record foreign investments in the manufacturing sector, the demand for wastewater treatment equipment will see significant growth.

CAMWATER’16 is the event that set to deliver these opportunities. It is where suppliers of water and wastewater treatment, filtration and monitoring equipment can meet operators, consultants, agents and distributors