24-25 May 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

Asian Utility Week serves as a meeting point for the smart energy community

Asian Utility Week is a large-scale expo with conference designed specifically for Asian utilities who seek to transform their utility business model to include digital enablers. It is known as Asia’s leader in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and features other innovations designed specifically to improve the customer’s experience of energy services.

What’s new for Asian Utility Week 2017?
Each year we develop new strategies to engage more effectively with our market. Our strategy revolves around owning the Digital Utility ecosystem – from AMI infrastructure, to real-time Operational Excellence as it’s rolled out across the utility to better connect staff, the customer base and infrastructure partners.
We appreciate that the utility sector is undergoing massive change and we support your endeavours to build a sustainable energy future. We are strong believers in the ability of technology to overcome the challenges we currently face. The AMI infrastructure theme runs as core theme within our show and connects all the new grid edge hardware and software that is featured within.

Expanding our 2017 theme
Our core theme is: “Building the infrastructure to support utilities operational excellence goals and future energy service”. Energy Services is a major new business category for Asian utility businesses and includes Rooftop Solar + Storage Programs; Microgrid Services; Smart City Infrastructure; Energy Management Programs; IoT Connected Home and Business Infrastructure. Most of these new services hinge on data sourced from the AMI programs that are being rollout out across Asia and are bolstered by the liberalisation of energy markets encouraging a more competitive retail market operating environment.
The liberalisation of the retail electricity markets is intended to give consumers more options to manage their energy cost. Competition among the retailers will encourage improved services, greater efficiency, competitive pricing and product innovation for the benefit of consumers. We are likely to see much more collaboration between Asian utilities and new players including solar installers and international technology solution providers, international smart energy investors and new smart energy start-ups offering unique solutions to Asia’s energy market challenges. It’s a very exciting space and we will profile the key players and projects shaping the new energy landscape.

Core business categories featured within our expo include:
Building Digital Metering and AMI Infrastructure
Developing Energy Services and Energy Efficiency
Operational Excellence and Asset Management
Rooftop Solar and Storage Project Development
Customer Engagement and Customer Servicing
Smart Energy Start-up and New Energy Investment

NEW: The Country Pavilions
Expo Pavilions offer a cost effective business development opportunity for smart energy solution providers. In 2017 we will offer more country pavilions including the following: