WWR series by Alfaa UV


The WWR series is brought to you by Alfaa UV, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and a leader in its field. Alfaa UV has been disinfecting water for pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and other industrial applications to the highest standard. This same commitment to disinfection has prompted Alfaa to develop the WWR series to address the growing need for a reliable & environmentally responsible way to disinfect and reuse wastewater in these water starved times.

UV as an alternative to traditional chlorination has become the preferred choice for wastewater disinfection worldwide. UV is also very effective in replacing harmful and toxic chemicals such as chlorine in wastewater recycling, while at the same time making the water absolutely safe for use in landscaping, toilet flushing, and cooling tower makeup. A typical payback period for a hotel replacing chlorination with UV is less than 2 years. This is excluding the massive environmental benefits by stopping the use of a chemical like chlorine which has been proved to be carcinogenic.

WWR Series
Most developed countries that reuse wastewater, have stringent guidelines on the microbiological contamination levels present in the wastewater before it is allowed to be reused. These norms pay particular emphasis on treatment required in an urban setting. Reclaimed water must be of a higher quality than may be necessary for other reuse applications. Therefore, while recycled wastewater might appear clean and clear to look at, high levels of dangerous pathogens require that wastewater be thoroughly disinfected prior to reuse.