Instrumentation & Monitoring

Glynwed Pipe System (Asia) has launched a series of new products under FIP. The industry can look forward to a range of innovations being revealed as part of the FLS line throughout the year.

The strong technical background developed in several years of applied process experience, the passion and the job of an expert team to supply customised solutions, have led FLS to become one of the most qualified partners in flow, pH/ORP and conductivity measurement.

FLS is aligned with today’s global market that is more and more sensitive to quality standards. Flow, pH/ORP and Conductivity sensors, monitors and transmitters, as well as the complete line of fittings, are characterised by FLS quality covering all steps from product development to accurate manufacturing and testing processes.

Quality is the first step to win the challenge of providing products in the global market: all products are manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management as well as following the most restrictive CE standards.

FLS invests many efforts in R&D department to find new solutions for fluid measurement and control and to provide instruments developed and produced with the latest technology ensuring high, reliable and long term performances.

In addition to M9.02, M9.06, M9.05, F6.60 and F6.30 already on the market, more products will be released in 2015.

NEW! FLS M9.07 – Dual- Parameter Conductivity and Flow Monitor
The new FLS M9.07 is a dual monitor which combines conductivity and flow measurements. A 4” wide full graphic display shows measured values clearly together with much other useful  information. Moreover, due to a multicolour display plus a powerful backlight, measurement status can be determined easily from afar also. With tutorial software, it guarantees a mistake-proof and fast set up of every parameter. Different type of calibrations can be performed to fit user needs for both measurements. A 4-20mA output dedicated to each measurement grants to remote values to an external device. A proper combination of digital outputs allows customised setups for any process to be controlled.

M9.00 Monitors & Transmitters
: Maximised performances for maximised satisfaction
The new FLS M9.00 line of monitors and transmitters includes single and dual channel interface for different parameters measurement such as Flow, pH, ORP, Conductivity and their combination. The new generation are powered by new generation mistake-proof software and are characterised by a fill 4” full graphic display combined with the specially customised five push button keypad.

Key Features

• Single and dual parameter monitors
New FLS M9.00 range includes upgraded single-parameter monitors and advanced dual-parameter devices for the combined measurement of Flow, pH, ORP and Conductivity.

• Efficient and cost-effective solution
New FLS monitors connected to all FLS insertion paddlewheel sensors, magmeters or in-line sensors as well as to a full range of pH/ORP and conductivity electrodes provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution for a wide range of application.

• Useful combinations of output options
The different combination of output options allows management of several remote functions and devices basing on even one measured value.

• Guided calibration procedure
The new software has been designed to allow the quickest set-up time while following the simple tutorial calibration procedure minimises the risk of mistakes.

• No need for instruction manual
An additional dedicated procedure helps for the very first set-up of the monitor that becomes even more easy and safer.

• Mistake free setting
The different menus for basic setting and advanced calibrations are fully supported by indications directly displayed on the screen and by an help on board to better clarify the different options.

• Long Distance visible screen
The four-inch full graphic display can show up to three different measuring parameters at the same time or a single one in full screen visualization.

• Leading-edge alert message
A multicolour backlight will indicate the status of the monitor: normal working condition, calibration mode and an innovative, efficient, red full screen alarm status alert.

• More info displayed
The help-on-board suggestions are clearly readable on the screen and the instructions are widely explained in a talky way