ipex PVC and CPVC Sch80 pipes

Glynwed Pipe Systems (Asia) invited a group of clients and potentials to its product launch at Marina @ Keppel Bay on 3rd February 2015. There, the group was introduced to three of the company’s products launched under IPEX, namely:

(i)    Xirtec PVC and Corzan CPVC   
       Schedule 40/80 PVC/CPVC

(ii)   Guardian PVC & CPVC and Clear-Guard
       Dual Containment Systems

(iii)  Enfield
       Acid Waste Systems

As shown in the list above, technology today has provided the industry with plenty of options when it comes to the selection of piping materials – IPEX is also offering their products in PVC and CPVC. How, then, should clients know which material will best suit their piping needs? Some of the core questions that the host urges its clients to consider in choosing the right piping material are as follows:

–  What is the liquid in the pipeline?
–  What are the concentrations of the chemicals?
–  What is the operating pressure & temperature?
–  What is the flow rate?

In addition to the three product lines, the audience was also presented with various case studies in which these products were applied under different circumstances and in different industries. This gave everyone a clearer idea of the importance of choosing the right materials for their piping requirements and how IPEX/Glynwed Asia is able to provide them with an unparalleled, comprehensive service as an answer to their piping troubles.

Xirtec PVC and Corzan CPVC

IPEX developed the Xirtec®140 (PVC) and Corzan® (CPVC) systems to meet industry demands for a complete Pipe, Valves and Fittings (PVF) package that is designed, produced and backed by a single manufacturer.

These products have been Type-Certified by numerous authorities, including ABS, DNV-GL and Bureau Veritas.

Guardian PVC & CPVC and Clear-Guard

Dual Containment Systems are an advantage to clients who seek (i) Environmental Protection; (ii) Personnel Protection; and (iii) Equipment Protection. Additionally, government regulations controlling the handling of hazardous fluids have called for the use of an inner system (carrier)  within an outer system (containment), motivating industry players to keep a look out for dual containment systems. Presently, IPEX is the only manufacturer in the world capable of offering choices ranging from thermoplastics and thermosets to metals.

For more than 15 years, Guardian™’s state-of-the-art technology has been the industry benchmark in pressure and drainage double containment systems for use with a wide range of acids, alcohols, salts and halogens.

Clear-Guard™’s fail-safe, fully pressure rated clear containment system allows for easy detection of leaks and eliminates the risks associated with piping aggressive chemicals overhead.

The Clear-Guard is factory pre-assembled and supported and restrained by the IPEX patented Centra-Lok and Centra-Guide systems. The easy detection of leaks is facilitated by clear PVC, allowing for the visual monitoring of liquids passing through the pipe, determination of the direction of flow and/or colour of liquids, as well as quick identification of primary piping for high purity piping runs. The Clear-Guard also stands out as there is solid containment without the use of sealant, unlike products from other companies.

The Clear-Guard has been certified NSF 61 for potable water use.


IPEX offers its Acid Waste systems in three different materials:
• FRPP (sky-blue flame retardant Polypro)
• NFRPP (black non-flame retardant Polypro)
• PVDF (Royal-blue Polyvyniliden Fluoride)

EnfieldTM electrofusion acid waste systems give the proven corrosion resistance of polypropylene, along with their patented, state-of-the-art electrofusion system.


                                      Guardian Mix-Sch80-Sch40-Clear