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Mitsubishi Electric develops AI-based aeration control technology for biological wastewater treatment

Mitsubishi Electric, aeration control, wastewater treatment

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has announced the development of aeration control technology to reduce the electric power consumption for supplying air (aeration) to biological reactors which is essential for biological wastewater treatment. By leveraging the company’s Maisart® artificial-intelligence (AI) technologies, the system …

Rotork actuators help deliver fresh water

Rotork, actuators, wastewater treatment

Rotork’s electric and pneumatic actuators have been installed at two sites in Germany with 39 GT pneumatic piston actuators and 13 CK modular electric actuators to be used at two municipal water works which supply the town of Lohr am Main, in Bavaria and surrounding areas. At both sites water is extracted from six springs and two deep wells …

Reverse osmosis system offers unexpected benefits to automotive components specialists

Gestamp, reverse osmosis, RO, wastewater treatment, water treatment

Gestamp, a designer, developer and manufacturer of metal automotive components, is benefitting from significant environmental and process improvements following a decision to invest in reverse osmosis (RO) technology for its low conductivity process water generation requirements. As part of its vision to promote sustainable economic and social …

Oil-catching sponge could be solution for 100 billion barrels of oil-contaminated wastewater generated every year

wastewater, wastewater treatment, pollution

Drilling and fracking for oil under the seabed produces 100 billion barrels of oil-contaminated wastewater every year by releasing tiny oil droplets into the surrounding water. Most efforts to remove oil from water focus on removing large oil slicks from industrial spills but these aren’t suitable for removing tiny droplets. Instead, …

Irish Water's new wastewater project will result in cost savings and promote biodiversity

Irish Water, wastewater treatment, sludge drying, water treatment

Irish Water, working in partnership with Carlow County Council, has completed works to install Sludge Drying Reed Beds (SDRB) at five wastewater treatment plants in Co. Carlow. These innovative and environmentally friendly projects are part of an €800,000 pilot programme completed across Carlow, with reed beds constructed at the wastewater …

Beyond water service: Maynilad builds massive infrastructure projects to clean up Metro Manila waterways

Maynilad, Philippines, water network, wastewater treatment

On a humid, cloudy afternoon in November, Angelita Imperio looks out from across her house at the nearby Estero de Santibañez, one of the tributaries that leads to Pasig River. She has already finished some of her tasks for the day: beside the estero, the concrete walkway was clean, and the plant boxes have been watered. She fastens the …