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NORD: A strong partner during the crisis

NORD productions, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, production, COVID-19

Partitions between the workplaces protect the employees in the assembly area Even in the current challenging times, the drive specialist NORD DRIVESYSTEMS keeps the world turning. The delivery availability is fully guaranteed for all products. Furthermore, the investments in locations and logistics continue as planned. In the present course of …

Centrisys to provide centrifuges for Waterloo, Iowa and Lancaster County, South Carolina

Centrisys, decanter, centrifuge systems, wastewater treatment

Centrisys Corporation has announced that it has secured an order for American-made decanter centrifuges from the City of Waterloo, Iowa Waste Management Services and the Lancaster County, South Carolina Water and Sewer District. The orders will support increased processing capacities, technology and service upgrades, and treatment centre …

Centrisys to provide centrifuges for Inland Empire Utilities Plant expansion in Chino, CA

Centrisys, centrifuge systems, thickening, wastewater treatment

Centrisys Corporation has announced that it has secured an order from Inland Empire Utilities to support a planned upgrade and expansion of its Regional Water Recycling Plant No. 5 (RP-5) in Chino, California. With plant upgrade and expansion design and engineering support provided by Parsons, the order placed with Centrisys consists of five …

BioLargo scales up commercial prototype for AOS water treatment technology

BioLargo, advanced oxidation system, AOS, water treatment, wastewater treatment, oxidation

BioLargo, a developer of environmental engineering company, has begun manufacturing a scaled up commercial prototype of its Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) that can process 500 gallons of water per minute (GPM). The new design uses the Spiral AOS geometry to get greater flowrate capacity without reducing size. This new design is modular and …

Bentley Systems’ SVP Alan Kiraly elected to the board of MIMOSA

Bentley Systems, MIMOSA

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, has announced that Alan Kiraly, Bentley’s SVP for asset and network performance, has been elected to the board of MIMOSA, the not-for-profit industry trade association dedicated to developing and encouraging the adoption of open standards for physical asset lifecycle management. At the same time, Bentley …

Bentley Systems announces the acquisition of GroupBC

GroupBC, Bentley Systems, acquisition, asset management, digital twins, modernisation, digitisation, digitalisation

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, has announced the acquisition of GroupBC, a UK SaaS software innovator. For over twenty years, GroupBC’s and Bentley’s software solutions have been deployed for complementary purposes to improve project and asset information management. The transaction results from GroupBC’s expansion agenda, and …