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Pump that sludge – with optimum efficiency

sludge, wastewater treatment, water treatment

Mick Dawson, consultancy director of BHR Group, has said that efficient sludge pumping has an important role to play as water companies gear up for zero carbon – and stresses that designers and operators need to better understand their sludge systems. More efficient pumping of sludge could help water companies in England reach their goal of …

Centrisys completes wastewater resource recovery efficiency updates in two New York locations

wastewater treatment, resource recovery, thickening, sludge, dewatering, treatment plant, pollution control, decanter centrifuges

Centrisys Corporation, a leading North American manufacturer of decanter and thickening centrifuges and dewatering systems, announced today that the $67 million (S$93.2 million) comprehensive energy-efficient upgrade at two of New York City’s largest wastewater treatment plants is now complete. As part of a series designed to improve …

WELTEC BIOPOWER to present solutions for climate-neutral energy generation at IFAT

WELTEC, biogas, sludge, wastewater treatment, IFAT, trade show, exhibition

The reference projects for the digestion of waste and the production of biomethane, which is equivalent to natural gas, include the WELTEC plant of French potato chip manufacturer Altho  At this year‘s IFAT, the world‘s leading trade fair for environmental technologies, which will be held in Munich, Germany, from 4 to 8 May, …

Irish Water's new wastewater project will result in cost savings and promote biodiversity

Irish Water, wastewater treatment, sludge drying, water treatment

Irish Water, working in partnership with Carlow County Council, has completed works to install Sludge Drying Reed Beds (SDRB) at five wastewater treatment plants in Co. Carlow. These innovative and environmentally friendly projects are part of an €800,000 pilot programme completed across Carlow, with reed beds constructed at the wastewater …

Digital tool helps utilities overcome sludge pumping challenges

BHR Group, software, innovations, water utilities, water monitoring, water networks, sludge, water treatment, wastewater treatment

Sophisticated software developed by BHR Group and launched this month is already helping water utilities analyse their sludge pumping systems and reduce costs. SLOT 2.0, which is underpinned by BHR’s world-leading sludge rheology database, can calculate sludge flow properties and behaviours, frictional pipe pressure losses and system …

SEEPEX’s new smart solution cuts maintenance time

SEEPEX, pumps, sludge, products, solutions

SEEPEX has introduced its Drive Joint Access (DJA) technology for open hopper pumps for dewatered and thickened sludges, allowing in-situ access in just 11 minutes. The company says that the DJA technology reduces maintenance time by up to 75 per cent and costs by up to 90 per cent, and has already been installed at Thames Water, Anglian Water, …