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ReTo Eco-Solutions completes Henan Province sewage treatment projects

ReTo, water treatment, water network, water monitoring, China, sewage, projects

ReTo Eco-Solutions, Inc., a one-stop, total technology solutions provider for the healthy improvement of ecological environments, today announced the completion and local governmental acceptance of the design, engineering, supply and ongoing maintenance ("O&M") for sewage treatment projects it was awarded in the Henan province. ReTo …

Coronavirus found in Paris sewage points to early warning system

COVID-19, coronavirus, sewage sampling, wastewater, wastewater treatment plant

By sampling sewage across greater Paris for more than one month, researchers have detected a rise and fall in novel coronavirus concentrations that correspond to the shape of the COVID-19 outbreak in the region, where a lockdown is now suppressing spread of the disease. Although several research groups have reported detecting coronavirus in …

Study says poop provides early sign coronavirus cases will rise

Netherlands, COVID-19, coronavirus, research, study, wastewater treatment, sewage

Scientists in the Netherlands recently detected COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, in a city’s sewage system before any cases were officially reported by human testing, indicating that wastewater tests could be used as an early warning sign of rising coronavirus cases. Researchers found COVID-19 in the wastewater in the city …

Coronavirus panic causing unprecedented blockages in Auckland's sewage system

Auckland, New Zealand, coronavirus, sewage, wastewater treatment

Big coronavirus panic buying is leading to big problems in Auckland's wastewater systems – wet wipes flushed down toilets are causing pumping stations to break down weekly when normally they have problems only once or twice a year. Repairs for breakdowns are costing ratepayers three times as much as regular maintenance. Watercare staff say …