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Creating energy while purifying water: Meet the scientist who discovered electric bacteria

bacteria, wastewater treatment, water purification

The term "electric bacteria" may bring a lot of images to mind — maybe a post-apocalyptic scenario where electrified bacteria doom our species to extinction. But the reality is more benign and potentially revolutionary. "[Electric bacteria] harvest the energy by harvesting the electrons from whatever they're eating, and instead of using the …

Safer, more efficient, and more environmentally-friendly brine purification from LANXESS

LANXESS, brine purification, safe, efficient, environmentally-friendly

The chelating resins in the Lewatit MDS (Mono Dispers Small) range have a 40 per cent smaller bead diameter than the monodisperse resin types previously offered. The finely dispersed products are characterised by improved kinetics, a higher degree of regeneration and a significantly increased total and usable capacity, especially for alkaline …

IDE Technologies donates two ro water purification systems to two schools in India

IDE Technologies, CSR, India, school, RO water purification systems

  Jaya Rathore Bhatia, HR & Office Manager and Amit Gupta, Director of Operations at IDE Technologies in India pose with faculty and the newly installed water cooler (Photo credit: IDE Technologies) In an effort to provide clean and safe drinking water for every child, IDE Technologies in India donated and installed a Reverse Osmosis …

Bureau of Reclamation selects 16 projects to receive $3.5 million for desalination and water purification research

Bureau of Reclamation, US$3.5 million, desalination, water purification research, Washington, Research programme, DWPR

WASHINGTON – Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman announced that 16 entities will receive $3.5 million for laboratory and pilot-scale research projects as part of the Desalination and Water Purification Research Programme. The DWPR Programme works with Reclamation researchers and partners to develop more innovative, …