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A model facility in the fight against the coronavirus

Flygt, pumps, Xylem

The Domenico Cotugno Hospital in Naples, Italy, has taken extraordinary steps to expand its capacity and to protect its healthcare workers in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. Measures include equipping doctors with ultra-high-tech masks and hermetically sealed, thick waterproof suits, and separating infected areas from sterile ones. As new …

Boosting water at field hospital in Glasgow

Grundfos, case study, pumps

When the SEC Centre was to be transformed to a field hospital to help fight COVID-19, additional water boosting was needed. Grundfos answered the call and came through with pumps in record time. The COVID-19 epidemic puts significant strain on healthcare systems all over the world. This makes it necessary to think in new ways, when trying to …

Desmi hit by cyber attack

cyberterrorism, Desmi, pumps

Danish pump company Desmi A/S suffered a cyber attack in the week before Easter, with the attackers requesting a ransom for data recovery. “A ransom we under no circumstances will pay,” said Desmi Group CEO Henrik Sørensen. “We do not support criminals”. Desmi’s communication systems were affected by the …

Vertiflo offers vertical immersion sump pumps

Vertiflo, pumps, vertical pumps

The Vertiflo Pump Company’s Series 800 is designed for applications which include sump drainage, flood control and process drainage and meets EPA and OSHA requirements. The pumps have heads to 230 ft and can operate in temperatures up to 350° F, pit depths of up to 26 ft at up to 3,000 gpm. Other features include carbon graphite …

Tsurumi ensures continued delivery capability

Tsurumi, pumps, manufacturing, COVID-19, coronavirus

International pump manufacturer Tsurumi has confirmed that the majority of its product range continues to be available at short notice, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Tsurumi’s Japanese headquarters maintains large intermediate storage facilities and distribution warehouses. In Europe, Belgium functions as the central logistics centre, …

Hamworthy Pumps sees 60% revenue increase

Hamworthy Pumps, revenue, financial report

Hamworthy Pumps has increased its turnover by 60% and created 26 new jobs since it was acquired by the Scandinavian investment company firm Solix Group from Finland's Wärtsilä Group in 2018. Sales of firewater pump packages (FWPPs) and scrubber pumps have increased significantly. The 26 new full-time positions are across the …

Zenit develops hardening material for hydraulics

Zenit Group, pumps, hydraulics

The Zenit Group has been carrying out research and development to identify the best material to protect the hydraulic components of its Uniqa Chopper pumps. Shredder pumps are often used in heavy-duty applications and subject to high levels of wear, which can significantly reduce the life of the most exposed hydraulic components. This is a common …