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Editor’s pickInspirational water documentary premieres in Los Angeles

brave blue world, documentary, water, conservation, water treatment, wastewater treatment, pollution, premiere

One year ago, a documentary crew set off on an incredible journey to meet with pioneers who are finding solutions to one of the world’s biggest challenges – water. After filming across five continents, hearing from the innovators changing the global water landscape and gaining support from high profile activists Matt Damon and Jaden …

Potential killer in UK water systems is monitored via 'internet of things'

IoT, internet of things, products, solutions, technology, monitoring, water pollution, water treatment

A pair of young entrepreneurs have developed a revolutionary smart sensor that is purpose-built to wage war on the deadly legionella bug. Technology expert Florin Mangu and water hygiene engineer Joe Finn are launching the new Remote Tech 'S1' sensor via their research and development company, in response to the increase in the number of …

Silver and titanium nanomaterials present in wastewater may have toxic effects on crustaceans and fish cells

nanoparticles, research, wastewater treatment, pollution

The use of nanoparticles in consumer products like textiles, foods and personal care products is increasing. What is so special about nanoparticles is their tiny size: One nanometre is one billionth of a metre. The small size gives nanoparticles unique and novel properties compared to their bigger counterparts and may, for example, reach locations …

How water pollution affects economic growth

economy, water pollution, economic growth

The detrimental effect of water pollution on the flora and fauna which live in river and marine habitats is well-documented. Even the deleterious impacts that such contamination can have on human health further up the food chain have been investigated to a strong degree. But aside from the environmental cost of water pollution, what do we know …

Water warning: Ten of the worst hot spot areas in the North East for foul flushing

blockage, pollution, wastewater, water, wastewater treatment, sewage

A North East water company is throwing its weight behind the world’s first sewer blockage awareness month, and is urging customers to not use toilets as a bin. Unblocktober, launched by the Lanes Group, is all about making small changes to people’s daily habits and only flushing the 3Ps - pee, paper and poo - down the loo, in a joint …

Editor’s pickWHO calls for more research on microplastics in drinking water

WHO, World Health Organisation, water, drinking water, microplastics, pollution

A newly launched analysis by World Health Organization (WHO) summarises the latest knowledge on microplastics in drinking-water. According to the report, titled Microplastics in drinking-water, microplastics larger than 150 micrometres are not likely to be absorbed in the human body and uptake of smaller particles is expected to be limited.  …

Editor’s pickJapan may have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into the ocean because it's out of storage space

Japan, Fukushima, radioactive, wastewater, wastewater treatment, pollution

Eight years after Japan's worst nuclear disaster, the government is not sure what to do with the contaminated water that remains – but its environment minister says dumping it into the ocean might be the only choice. To cool fuel cores at the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, operator Tokyo Electric has pumped in tens of thousands of tons of …