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Addressing the leakage imperative: Black & Veatch responds with new hire to lead digital transformation of leakage management services

Black & Veatch, appointment, leakage control

Water companies in England and Wales have to deliver, on average, a 17 percent cut in leakage by 2025. Current levels of leakage, 3.16 billion litres per day in 2018/19, are deemed unacceptable by Ofwat. Black & Veatch has created a new role: Leakage Services Manager, and appointed Stuart White, to help water companies meet the …

Pune-based Fluid Robotics uses robots to manage and maintain urban water infrastructure

India, water treatment, leakage, monitoring, pipes

In India, the current urban water distribution and wastewater treatment network is inefficient, with 40-50 per cent of water lost in distribution due to leaks and illegal taps (Non-Revenue Water). Under 20 per cent of wastewater is collected and treated, while the rest pollutes groundwater, lakes, rivers, and coastlines. In addition, inadequate …