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Editor’s pickPUB biggest concern on water security, Hyflux consortium could withdraw: Analysts

Hyflux, Tuaspring, Salim-Medco consortium SM Investment, debt moratorium

Singapore's water security is the only thing that matters and the main motivation behind water agency PUB’s announcement last night that it would take over Tuaspring's desalination plant, should Hyflux subsidiary Tuaspring Private Limited (TPL) be unable to cure its defaults by April 5, observers said. It has also agreed to waive any …

Siemens and Bentley systems strengthen their strategic alliance

Siemens, Bentley systems, strategic alliance, joint innovation investment programme

In the companies’ latest Alliance Board meeting, Bentley Systems and Siemens decided to further strengthen their strategic alliance. The two companies have decided to extend their existing agreement, to further develop their joint business cooperation and commercial initiatives. Therefore, the joint innovation investment programme will be …