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Editor’s pickAfrica's shrinking lake shows the impact of climate change on women and indigenous people

water management, Africa, natural disasters, drought

When Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim was a child, Lake Chad in her home country spanned 10,000 km2. These days it’s around 1,200 km2. Climate change, rising populations and agriculture mean one of Africa’s largest water sources is now a tenth of the size it was in the 1960s. From the Mbororo pastoralist community, Ibrahim is an expert in how …

Editor’s pickGreen pump technology against the drought

Andritz, Pumps, Technology, Drought, Water Management

In the Wala and Lib pumping stations, in addition to the multi-stage, axial split case pumps also ANDRITZ high-pressure pumps from the HP43 series are installed – due to their high efficiency, they have a strictly ecological orientation As the fourth-driest country in the world, up to 92 per cent of Jordan is covered by deserts and …

Editor’s pickThis idea helped rescue a city of 3.8 million from a water crisis

Chennai, drought, water conservation, ground water, Bay of Bengal, rainwater harvesting, decentralisation

By Yasaswini Sampathkumar, this article is republished from When water shortages loomed in Chennai, India, one man’s campaign to conserve rainwater saved the day Twenty-five years ago, Chennai, a city on the southeastern coast of India, could barely supply enough water to its 3.8 million citizens. Many of its families depended on …