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NORD: A strong partner during the crisis

NORD productions, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, production, COVID-19

Partitions between the workplaces protect the employees in the assembly area Even in the current challenging times, the drive specialist NORD DRIVESYSTEMS keeps the world turning. The delivery availability is fully guaranteed for all products. Furthermore, the investments in locations and logistics continue as planned. In the present course of …

Invertek’s VFD technology sees energy savings

Invertek Drives

The Optidrive P2 VFD from Invertek Drives, which has replaced a start-stop transformer-based pump control system in Nicaragua, is achieving reported energy savings of 36 per cent within the first few weeks of installation. ENACAL, the government-owned Nicaraguan water and sewage company, is responsible for the provision of potable and wastewater …

Sidrive IQ digital platform: Optimised performance into the megawatt range

Sidrive IQ, digital platform, optimised performance, megawatt range

Sidrive IQ from Siemens provides a digital platform enabling the evaluation and utilisation of data gathered from drive systems. On the basis of networked drive systems from Siemens, this cloud-based application is now also available for motors and converters in the medium and high-voltage range. This opens up an array of benefits for plant and …