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Editor’s pickInspirational water documentary premieres in Los Angeles

brave blue world, documentary, water, conservation, water treatment, wastewater treatment, pollution, premiere

One year ago, a documentary crew set off on an incredible journey to meet with pioneers who are finding solutions to one of the world’s biggest challenges – water. After filming across five continents, hearing from the innovators changing the global water landscape and gaining support from high profile activists Matt Damon and Jaden …

Weber Basin promotes water conservation with the Sensus AMI solution

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, Salt Lake City, Utah, water conservation, Sensus AMI solution

The Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, located just north of Salt Lake City, Utah, United States (U.S.), is charged with serving more than 625,000 residents living in the second driest state in the nation. With 65 per cent of the district’s water being soaked up by manicured lawns and lush gardens, “secondary” or …

Editor’s pickThis idea helped rescue a city of 3.8 million from a water crisis

Chennai, drought, water conservation, ground water, Bay of Bengal, rainwater harvesting, decentralisation

By Yasaswini Sampathkumar, this article is republished from When water shortages loomed in Chennai, India, one man’s campaign to conserve rainwater saved the day Twenty-five years ago, Chennai, a city on the southeastern coast of India, could barely supply enough water to its 3.8 million citizens. Many of its families depended on …