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Editor’s pickPFAS, forever chemicals forecasted to drive S$16.8 billion in water utilities’ spend over next decade

Bluefield Research, PFAS, forever chemicals, water pollution, water treatment, wastewater treatment

Mounting public concerns and new state regulations in the U.S. are compelling water & wastewater utilities to address health risks associated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) – a class of pervasive chemicals found in drinking water and wastewater byproducts. According to a new report from Bluefield Research, …

Need for sustainable water management solutions increasing growth of water and wastewater treatment chemicals

water treatment, chemicals, wastewater treatment, market report

Lack of water management, one of the most influential problems faced by humans presently, has been directly impacting public health, because of the pervasive wastage of land, surface water, as well as groundwater, which are among the most basic sustainability needs. The increasing water stress level across the globe is causing deterioration of …

Editor’s pickWireless guided wave radar proves best for challenging wastewater treatment applications

Water, Wastewater, Asia, Wireless, Toray Fine Chemicals, TFC, Liquid, Wastage, Manufacturing, Wave Radar, Technology

When the question of how to reduce costs and improve performance in a wastewater application is brought up, the answer is to use advanced instrumentation frequently. But the question remains, what kind of instrumentation should you choose to provide the best results without adding prohibitive costs? Such a question arose at Toray Fine Chemicals …