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PSP.US, Inc. acquires assets of PolyCera, Inc

PSP, PolyCera, acquisition

PSP.US, Inc. has acquired the assets of United States membrane company PolyCera, Inc., which in 2018 began the eagerly anticipated commercialisation of its award-winning and highly differentiated organic metal membrane products that combine the robustness of ceramic membranes with the cost efficiencies of polymeric membranes. The assets include …

Grundfos proceeds to acquire Eurowater

Grundfos, Eurowater, acquisition

Grundfos has entered into an agreement to acquire Eurowater. This marks an important milestone in the company’s ongoing efforts to pioneer solutions to tackle global water challenges. The acquisition aligns closely with Grundfos’ strategy to strengthen its innovation leadership within water technology, and supports the company’s …

Bentley Systems announces the acquisition of GroupBC

GroupBC, Bentley Systems, acquisition, asset management, digital twins, modernisation, digitisation, digitalisation

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, has announced the acquisition of GroupBC, a UK SaaS software innovator. For over twenty years, GroupBC’s and Bentley’s software solutions have been deployed for complementary purposes to improve project and asset information management. The transaction results from GroupBC’s expansion agenda, and …

Tsurumi takes over Obart Pumps

Tsurumi, Obart Pumps, acquisition

Japan’s Tsurumi has become a majority shareholder in UK pump distributor Obart Pumps Ltd. The Maidstone-based pump dealer has been working with Tsurumi for many years. “Obart Pumps has done a lot for our brand in the British market. To take the next step together in order to grow further was obvious for both sides,” said Daniel …

Cambrian Innovation acquires Baswood, accelerates progress toward sustainable industrial wastewater management

Cambrian Innovation, Baswood, acquisition, water treatment, wastewater treatment, industrial, sustainable

Cambrian Innovation, a commercial provider of distributed wastewater and resource recovery solutions, has successfully acquired Baswood, an expert in technology-based wastewater and biosolids management. The new partnership will accelerate Cambrian’s vision to treat industry as an ecosystem — extracting precious resources, like clean …