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Unorthodox desalination method could transform global water management

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Water security is becoming an urgent global challenge. Hundreds of millions of people already live in water-scarce regions, and the UN projects that by 2030 about half the world’s population will be living in highly water-stressed areas. This will be a crisis even for developed countries like the U.S., where water managers in 40 states …

Editor’s pickDuperon FlexRake® bar screening system helps Idaho farmers clear debris for crop irrigation

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Duperon Corporation says that two FlexRake® FRHD automated bar screens installed at the Mud Lake Water Users, Inc. (MLWU) irrigation company in Eastern Idaho are successfully protecting MLWU’s 160,000-gallon-per-minute pumps from tumbleweeds and other debris. MLWU owns water rights for irrigation storage in Mud Lake, a natural …

Upwardly mobile with ATEX-approved pumps

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Chalwyn valves and Spark Arrestors certainly do their job to meet Health & Safety requirements, but they do not, for example, control surface temperatures in the T4 range of 135°C. Such are the rigorous and sometimes complicated demands of ATEX that it is not uncommon for pump users to position control panels away from the ATEX area in …

Digital transformation reframes Asia Pacific’s water industry

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In addition to environmental and social challenges, water utilities in Asia Pacific are faced with the complexities of non-revenue water, underdeveloped or ageing water infrastructure and growing expenditure. Digital transformation offers the water industry an opportunity to provide reliable and sustainable water supply by optimising distribution …

Wastewater should be improved to eliminate antibiotic resistance, says Örebro University expert

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Faisal Ahmad Khan's research team was the first in Sweden to find bacteria resistant also to new types of antibiotics in waterways and lakes. Now, he is presenting his doctoral thesis in biology at Örebro University. "Limiting the prescription of antibiotics is not sufficient to eliminate antibiotic resistance. The treatment of both hospital …