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Irish Water considers expanding use of solar

Irish Water, water treatment, wastewater treatment

Irish Water has announced that it is considering the use of solar energy at water and wastewater treatment plants across the country following the success of a pilot programme. In June, Saliis Limited completed the installation of solar panels at the Nenagh Wastewater Treatment Plant in Tipperary and the Newcastle West Wastewater Treatment Plant …

WHO calls for more research into microplastics and a crackdown on plastic pollution

WHO, World Health Organisation, water pollution, microplastics, water treatment, wastewater treatment

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for a further assessment of microplastics in the environment and their potential impacts on human health, following the release of an analysis of current research related to microplastics in drinking-water. The Organization also calls for a reduction in plastic pollution to benefit the environment and …

New system improves coking wastewater treatment efficiency

wastewater treatment

Chinese researchers have developed a system for the treatment of coking wastewater from large-scale industries with lower costs and higher efficiency. Heating coal over high temperatures provides both heat and carbon (coke) required for iron production. During the process, recycled scrubber water, which is used as a coolant, contains large …

Limerick wastewater treatment plant in Ireland among first to be powered by solar energy

Ireland, wastewater treatment, solar energy, sustainable

The Newcastle West wastewater treatment plant is now being powered by solar energy, making it one of the first in Ireland to use sustainable energy. Newcastle West was selected, along with Nenagh, Co Tipperary, as part of a pilot project to pioneer the scheme, the effect of which will be to reduce the plant’s carbon footprint. The pilot …

Taking care of Morgan City – with new Lakeside headworks package

wastewater treatment

The need to upgrade an aging lagoon system in Utah has presented a growing community with an ideal opening to futureproof its wastewater treatment plant. For Morgan City, settled in 1868 and built on pioneer dreams approximately 50 miles northeast of Salt Lake City, its four hard-working lagoons – created a century later – finally …