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Veolia launches TERION™ S

Veolia, TERION, water treatment, wastewater treatment, membranes

Veolia Water Technologies has launched TERION™ S, a standard single-skid unit combining single pass reverse osmosis (RO) and continuous electrodeionisation (CEDI) to produce high-grade deionised water for laboratory, power, and general industry applications. This new product was developed in house by the company’s internal …

Veolia Water Technologies, Urban Utilities to install Asia Pacific’s first full-scale sidestream ANITA™ Mox treatment plant

Veolia, Urban Utilities, ANITA Mox, wastewater treatment, Australia

Veolia Water Technologies and Urban Utilities are working to install Asia Pacific’s first full-scale sidestream ANITA™ Mox treatment plant this year. A first-of-its-kind in Australia, this organic and environmentally-focused technology is an exciting development for the wastewater treatment industry. Construction is …

Veolia launches TERION™


To meet market expectations and in response to our customers’ needs, Veolia Water Technologies, through its internal manufacturing and global logistics platform SOLYS, has developed a new Plug & Play, integrated RO-CEDI unit for demineralised water production. TERION™ is a new RO-CEDI unit that produces demineralised water …

Veolia launches SIRION™ Pro

Veolia, reverse osmosis

Through its business unit SOLYS, Veolia Water Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the SIRION™ Pro range, a simplified version of the SIRION™ RO range. A compact, plug-and-play system which integrates AQUAVISTA™ digital services, SIRION™ Pro is dedicated to high-quality industrial process water production. In …

Editor’s pickSalt Lake Potash trusts Veolia to pave the way for the soluble fertiliser revolution of Australia’s sulphate of potash

Veolia, wastewater treatment, water treatment, sulphate, potash, Australia

Veolia Water Technologies will supply HPD® crystallisation systems that will produce high-quality sulphate of potash (SOP) fertiliser in the depths of Western Australia’s outback.  Perth-based Salt Lake Potash Ltd. is developing the Lake Way potash mining project to produce 245,000 tons per year of SOP (K 2S O 4) from dry salt lake …