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OriginClear White Paper demonstrates that treating water on-site combats global warming and improves the environment

OriginClear, white paper, pollution, water treatment, wastewater treatment

OriginClear Inc. has published an industry white paper which finds that by treating water on-site using a Modular Water System (MWS), businesses can greatly reduce water costs, improve the environment and even combat global warming. Highlights of the white paper include the current state of the U.S. centralized water treatment, a 1950s type model …

Aspen Water Presents OriginClear Products in Middle East

Aspen Water, OriginClear

OriginClear Inc (OTC: OCLN) has reported that Dallas-based Aspen Water Inc is currently presenting OriginClear products under its own brand at trade shows in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Baghdad, which began in February and will wrap up during March. “All of our products must fit easily into a helicopter or a small truck or van,” said Ed …