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Global Water Summit 2020 to be held in Spain

Global Water Summit, conference, summit

The Global Water Summit, known as one of the leading water industry annual conferences, will be held in Spain this year. Organised by Global Water Intelligence, this Summit gathers high-level key water market players from utilities, industry, public authorities, finance & investment. The agenda for the summit …

MIT achieves simple, solar-powered water desalination

MIT, research, desalination, water treatment

Tests on an MIT building rooftop showed that a simple proof-of-concept desalination device could produce clean, drinkable water at a rate equivalent to more than 1.5 gallons per hour for each square meter of solar collecting area. A completely passive solar-powered desalination system developed by researchers at MIT and in China could provide …

Spotlight on the 2017 Water Steward of the Year

awards, water steward, Water's Next, CABIN, water network, water monitoring, Canadian Water Summit

Kat Hartwig, executive director of Living Lakes Canada, received the Water Steward of the Year award at the Water’s Next Gala in 2017. Under Hartwig’s leadership, Living Lakes Canada has been engaging with groups and individuals at the local level through community-based monitoring. Since 2005, the organisation has been involved in …

Mitsubishi Electric develops AI-based aeration control technology for biological wastewater treatment

Mitsubishi Electric, aeration control, wastewater treatment

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has announced the development of aeration control technology to reduce the electric power consumption for supplying air (aeration) to biological reactors which is essential for biological wastewater treatment. By leveraging the company’s Maisart® artificial-intelligence (AI) technologies, the system …

New pressure transmitter designed for industrial applications

Danfoss, Pressure Transmitter, DST P140, Digitalisation, Water Pump, Air Compressor, Technology

The DST P140 pressure transmitter is designed to provide unrivalled reliability, durability, performance, and not least, digital possibilities in the water-pump and air-compressor markets.  Digitalisation is playing an increasingly important role across industries where new technological possibilities are being exploited. So far, data …