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IE Expo China rescheduled to 10 - 12 June 2020

IE Expo, Coronavirus, Rescheduled, COVID-19

As the global situation related to the spread of the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 and are monitoring developments each day. Nonetheless, the organisers want to focus on the future as well and have set a new date for IE expo China 2020 in consultation with Chinese officials and local exhibitors. The new date for IE expo China will be June 10–12, …

SUEZ and AquiSense Technologies partnership offers UV-C LED water disinfection for laboratory solutions

SUEZ, AquiSense Technologies, UV-C LED, water technologies, water treatment, disinfection

SUEZ and AquiSense Technologies have entered a partnership providing SUEZ with AquiSense's patented ultraviolet light emitting diode (UV-C LED) Water Treatment Technology for water disinfection, directly at the point of use in critical laboratory applications. AquiSense and SUEZ have been engaged in close co-operation for over a year in a …

New criteria for microbial reduction: Drinking water standard revision catches up with UV-LED

UV-LED, UV technology, LED, wastewater treatment, water treatment

An international standard on drinking water treatment has been updated following developments and the roll-out of UV-LED (ultraviolet-light emitting diode) technology. NSF International, the body accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), has established new criteria for the use of UV-LED technology for microbial …

San Francisco recycled water programme pushing wastewater towards drinkability

wastewater treatment, water treatment, recycled water, drinking water

The city of San Francisco could be drawing on a new source of drinking water that is a recycled version of what’s being flushed down toilets. By design, the San Francisco Public Utilities Building is exceedingly green. It opened in 2012 and for years the building has been recycling its wastewater for things like flushing the toilets. Now, …

Recycled wastewater evokes disgust reactions

recycled water, study, research, water treatment

If people are educated on recycled water, they may come to agree it's perfectly safe and tastes as good - or better - than their drinking water. They may even agree it's an answer to the critical water imbalance in California, where the northern third of the state holds 75 per cent of the water despite 80 per cent of the demand coming from the …