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Latest learnings from the Water Action Platform

British Water, Isle, forum, COVID-19

Assessing risk and determining responses to COVID-19 were major themes of the most recent Water Action Platform webinar which took place on 9 July. Here are six key learnings from the interactive event which was hosted by Isle chairman Piers Clark: 1. Expect seasonal resurgence of COVID-19 Recent research shows that we can expect resurgence of …

Editor’s pickPartnership will deliver water innovation for Australia and New Zealand

Isle, WSAA, Australia, water treatment, water networks, New Zealand, partnership

A new partnership between technology and business consultancy Isle, the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) and change-making consultancy ThinkPlace will deliver an industry-leading innovative technologies programme. Some 23 WSAA members have already signed up for the W-Lab programme which launched in March 2020.  Adam Lovell, …

Peers sought to build urban resilience platform

Isle, infrastructure

A new peer-to-peer platform is helping municipalities and water utilities find reliable innovative solutions to their infrastructure resilience challenges. Isle’s technology consultant Sylvia Schuster explains why managing the effects of climate change requires urban transformation. European cities need to transform their infrastructure if …