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Intel plans to be “net water positive” by 2030

Intel, net water positive

Earlier this year Microsoft announced it would be carbon negative by 2030. And now semiconductor king Intel plans a similar move but for water: to achieve net positive water use within the next decade. As part of its new 2030 strategy and recently published corporate responsibility report, the computer chip giant laid out an ambitious …

Electro Scan completes trial project for Sydney Water using advanced machine-intelligent leak detection technology

Sydney Water, Electro Scan, machine intelligence, leak detection, smart technology

Electro Scan Inc., a provider of machine-intelligent pipeline assessment products and services, has completed a trial project of its technology with Sydney Water, Australia’s largest water utility. Traditionally, water utilities have relied on high resolution cameras and visual inspection to manually assess defects inside of sewer pipes …

British “FIDO” solution sniffs out leaks to attract $2.7m investment

FIDO, TIDO, deep learning, artificial intelligence, AI, machine learning, smart technology, innovation, water monitoring

A British entrepreneurial start-up involving a pianist and a physicist has secured £1.5 million (S$2.7 million) in investments to scale an innovative sensor and AI system used to help pinpoint leaks. Called Free Intelligent Domain Observers, or FIDO for short, the sensors can be used as either in-pipe or on-pipe technology to help detect …

The rise of digital twins and decision intelligence in water utilities

digital twin, artificial intelligence, AI, digitalisation, digitisation, water utilities

As weather becomes more unpredictable, large storms can wreak havoc on water infrastructure systems, causing overflows and flooding. Despite controls and wet weather facilities, storms still hit cities and water utilities in ways that older hydraulic models cannot predict. Today, however, there are better ways to use data to guide how systems …

Orbis Intelligent Systems signs distribution agreement with Aquip Systems

Orbis Intelligent Systems, Aquip Systems, agreement, measurement, data collection, Australia

Orbis Intelligent Systems has signed a multi-year distribution agreement with Aquip Systems, an Australia-based provider of measurement and data collection systems to the oil and gas, mining, marine, HVAC, water and chemical industries. This three-year agreement will see the Orbis Prodigy and Prodigy UltraPipe intelligent monitoring …

World Water Day 2019: GWI launches Water Security Solutions Centre initiative to help water companies combat rising water scarcity

Global Water Intelligence, International Desalination Association, Global Water Leaders Group, desalination, water scarcity

Global Water Intelligence (GWI), the International Desalination Association (IDA) and the Global Water Leaders Group (GWLG) have launched a new initiative; the Water Scarcity Solutions Centre (WSSC) to help utilities and end-users build successful strategies for water scarcity. The Centre, which connects water companies with relevant suppliers, …