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India’s Shimla water supply and sewerage service gets $40M World Bank loan

World Bank, India

The Government of India, Government of Himachal Pradesh (GoHP) and the World Bank have signed a loan agreement to help bring clean drinking water to the citizens of the Greater Shimla area, who have been facing severe water shortages and water-borne epidemics over the past few years. With the new $40m Shimla Water Supply and Sewerage Service …

EU, India to jointly invest USD 45 million on seven water projects

India, European Union

India and the European Union have decided to jointly invest Rs 323 crore (approximately USD 45 million) on seven projects over four years to find affordable solutions to improving drinking water quality and boosting wastewater management in India. These projects were selected under the EU - India Joint Call on Research and Innovation for …

IDE Technologies donates two ro water purification systems to two schools in India

IDE Technologies, CSR, India, school, RO water purification systems

  Jaya Rathore Bhatia, HR & Office Manager and Amit Gupta, Director of Operations at IDE Technologies in India pose with faculty and the newly installed water cooler (Photo credit: IDE Technologies) In an effort to provide clean and safe drinking water for every child, IDE Technologies in India donated and installed a Reverse Osmosis …