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UC Santa Cruz helps develop Egyptian Center of Excellence for Water

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UC Santa Cruz is partnering with the American University in Cairo, nine other Egyptian and U.S.-based universities, and industry partners to help Egypt make the most of its limited water supply. Funded by a five-year $30 million grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the new collaborative is establishing the Center of …

Editor’s pickThis is the water crisis that Egypt is facing

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Ahmed Abd-Rabo used to get all the water he needed to feed his crops 50km (30 miles) from Egypt’s River Nile. Then supplies in the canal linking his seven acres to the river dwindled as other farmers drew more water, and he had to abandon half the plot. His smallholding is one of the victims of a creeping water crisis, exacerbated by …

52 wastewater treatment plants under way in Upper Egypt

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The newly-appointed Egyptian Minister of Housing Asem al-Gazzar has announced that 52 water treatment plants are being built in Upper Egypt. 34 of these will be commissioned in the 2018/2019 fiscal year. They will recycle treated wastewater for irrigation. All facilities under construction are expected to treat 418 million cubic metres (m3) of …

Editor’s pickXylem’s monitoring technology helps protect the Nile from pollution

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A water-monitoring program on the Nile is collecting valuable data to help the government study and protect the river from pollution. Every 30 minutes, 20 monitoring stations equipped with Xylem’s YSI sondes send water data directly to the environmental ministry.  The Nile supplies 95 per cent of Egypt’s water, irrigating the …