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Editor’s pickDuperon FlexRake® bar screening system helps Idaho farmers clear debris for crop irrigation

Duperon, wastewater treatment, flexrake, water treatment

Duperon Corporation says that two FlexRake® FRHD automated bar screens installed at the Mud Lake Water Users, Inc. (MLWU) irrigation company in Eastern Idaho are successfully protecting MLWU’s 160,000-gallon-per-minute pumps from tumbleweeds and other debris. MLWU owns water rights for irrigation storage in Mud Lake, a natural …

Duperon Corporation President Mark Turpin Joins Berg Business Board


Duperon Corporation, leader in innovative preliminary liquids/solids separation systems, today announced that Duperon President Mark Turpin has joined the Berg Business Board. The Berg Business Board is a group of area businessmen and women who lend their expertise, advice, and support to Heidelberg University students. By providing resources, …

Duperon Corporation Recognised with Economic Excellence Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Economy of Saginaw

Duperon, Saginaw Future

Duperon Corporation has been awarded an Economic Excellence Award for outstanding contribution to the economy of Saginaw, Michigan, in 2018. The Economic Excellence Awards recognise Saginaw County development projects that were assisted by Saginaw Future Inc. The awards celebrate the growth of local and regional economy that includes job creation …

Michigan Water for People Chair Lorene Bruns Promoted to National Sales Manager of Duperon Corporation

Duperon Corporation, Lorene Bruns, Promotion, National Sales Manager

Duperon Corporation is pleased to announce that Lorene Bruns has accepted the role of national sales manager of Duperon Corporation. The position, based in Saginaw, Michigan, is a promotion from her former role as Duperon's northeast US regional sales manager. As national sales manager, Bruns will manage Duperon's regional managers and …