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Grundfos opens digital showroom in Dubai

Grundfos, Dubai

Grundfos has officially opened its iFoss Lab in Dubai, the company’s digital showroom and regional hub for cloud-enabled water solutions. iFoss Lab showcases live demonstrations of the company’s energy-efficient, cloud-connected water solutions that can be monitored, controlled and optimised remotely from anywhere in the …

This new city near Dubai is aiming to be 'net-zero'

Dubai, sustainability

Fenced off by a wall of trees, about 20km from the high rises towering over Dubai's city centre, there lies a small solar-powered settlement aiming to become a green oasis in the desert. Renowned for its glitzy skyscrapers, air-conditioning-blasting shopping malls and indoor skiing facilities, the emirate of Dubai has long been the antithesis of …

Milestone achievement in Dubai’s wastewater treatment

Dubai, wastewater treatment

Dubai’s wastewater treatment capacity has reached a milestone with the Dubai Municipality completing the second phase of the expansion of the Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plant at a cost of Dh1.3 billion (SGD 479 million). With a capacity of 375,000 cubic metres of water for this stage, the combined capacity of Warsan and Jebel Ali plants …