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Hatching new solutions for boiler corrosion

Cortec, wastewater treatment, water treatment

Cortec® Corporation is proud to unveil its new Boiler Egg™, an exciting companion to an innovative line of water treatment “animals” for corrosion protection of industrial water systems. These water treatment animals reduce the risk of extra downtime, clogging, leakage, and shortened service life that comes from corrosion. …

Cortec’s Boiler Lizard set to impress

Cortec, corrosion, water treatment, wastewater treatment

Cortec® Corporation has designed a revolutionary boiler preservation kit that is perfect for the upcoming boiler layup season. The Boiler Lizard® Plus is an easy-to-use two-part complete dry-layup set that protects boilers from corrosion all the way from shutdown through initial start-up. Boiler Lizard® Plus combines the time-tested …