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UN-Water launch analytical brief on unconventional water resources

UN Water, water resources

Water scarcity is recognised as a key challenge to sustainable development and as a potential cause of social unrest and of conflict within and between countries. At the same time water is increasingly considered as an instrument for international cooperation to support food production, livelihoods, ecosystems, climate change adaption, and …

Access Water® launches as new resource for water professionals 

Water Environment Federation, Access Water, water professionals, water industry

The Water Environment Federation has launched Access Water, a portal that organises information and technical content critical to the water sector into a single, central location. The content is developed for and by water sector professionals and provides approximately 20,000 pieces of content, including conference papers, magazine articles, …

Portable wastewater sampler speeds up collections at different times and locations

wastewater treatment, solutions, Aqua-Multix, electrochemical, devices, industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater

Supervisors and technicians responsible for gathering multiple remote wastewater samples throughout the day from one or more locations will want to learn more about the versatile, efficient and easy-to-use Aqua-Multix portable water sampler from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD), which helps save them both time and money. Municipal and industrial …

Wastewater a resource that can pay dividends for people, the environment, and economies

wastewater, resources, world water day, wastewater treatment

The world’s wastewater – 80% of which is released into the environment without adequate treatment – is a valuable resource from which clean water, energy, nutrients, and other resources can be recovered, according to a World Bank report released today to mark World Water Day. The report, Wastewater: From Waste to Resource, calls …

Poor water infrastructure is greater risk than coronavirus, says UN

water resources, UNESCO, world water day, coronavirus, water infrastructure

Decades of chronic underfunding of water infrastructure is putting many countries at worse risk in the coronavirus crisis, with more than half the global population lacking access to safely managed sanitation, experts said as the UN marked World Water Day on Sunday. Good hygiene – soap and water – are the first line of defence against …