SIWW 2018: Product highlights


Some of the product highlights at this year's Singapore International Water Week.

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Festo at B2-H22

Quarter turn actuator DFPD sets new standards in process automation

Modular, resilient, versatile – these are the core properties of the quarter turn actuator DFPD from Festo. This rack and pinion combination is thus the perfect actuator for many requirements in the process industry.

Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, the DFPD can be used in a variety of sectors and markets. Its modern, simple and compact design impresses, whether it is used with ball valves, shut off valves or air dampers in the chemical, pharmaceutical or beverage industry or for water treatment and other areas of process automation. The rack and pinion combination is a great addition to the market, in both the single and double-acting versions with maximum torque of up to 2300 Nm.

The single-acting version of this new quarter turn actuator is particularly compact and extremely modular. Thanks to the optimised spring design it can be configured in increments of 0.5 bar for more efficient use. With the nine different spring combinations, the quarter turn actuator DFPD meets the most precise operating pressure requirements of between 2 and 6 bar. The rotation angle for standard sizes is up to 90° and for the sizes 40, 120, 240 and 480 it even rises to 180°.

The basic version of the DFPD is suitable for temperatures between -20 and +80 °C. The low-temperature variant is designed for arctic regions and covers a temperature range of -50°C to +60°C. The high-temperature variant can be used at temperatures of between 0°C and +150°C. With its versatile and corrosion-resistant surface coatings, the actuator can also be reliably and flexibly used in harsh conditions. It can be mounted anywhere and the end positions can be adjusted by ± 5° at both ends, ensuring high flexibility during operation.

A complete package covering the entire value chain

In combination with the CMSX positioner, it is ideally suited for the analogue control of quarter-turn actuators, e.g. in dosing tasks. Furthermore, the sensor boxes SRBC/SRBE/SRBG enable simple digital control and full position sensing. And this is possible outdoors as well as in potentially explosive environments. The NAMUR valves VSNC are certified worldwide in accordance with all the current standards. For safety-oriented applications, the robust pilot valves VOFC and VOFD are perfect additions. The solenoid valves can be widely used and meet the highest safety standards (up to SIL3, explosion protection). This allows Festo to provide complete automation of quarter-turn actuators for a large range of applications.

PWN Technologies at L1-H28

PWN Technologies (PWNT) has developed a new ion exchange process, known as SIX® (Suspended Ion eXchange), that is an advanced solution to a worldwide challenge: To remove Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) fromwater to improve membrane filtration performance.

The suspended ion exchange process is also suitable for purifying untreated surface waters — removing sulphate, nitrate, and phosphate. It involves not just an ion exchange process, but also resin separation and dosing of regenerated resin. In addition, SIX includes techniques for reducing the level of salt regeneration. The process design is based on a fully validated model and can be adapted to all commercially available resins.

The philosophy of the SIX® process is based on an advanced plug flow reactor followed by a specially designed lamella settler. Compared to other ion exchange processes for treating water containing suspended matter and organics, the single pass ion exchange process (SIX) distinguishes itself by compactness, a low resin concentration and inventory, low salt usage, high effluent quality and full control of the adsorption process without blinding the resin or producing biomass. The adsorption of the SIX process has been modelled to such a degree of accuracy that it is possible to design a reliable installation for any commercially available resin based on only a few jar tests. As the resins used have optimal adsorption capacities and rates, the overall performance is unsurpassed.


VEGA at B2-X14

PLICSMOBILE T81: Making monitoring more efficient with wireless technology — Operation with GSM/GPRS/UMTS as well as Bluetooth

The PLICSMOBILE T81 is an external GSM/GPRS/UMTS radio unit for wireless transmission of measured values and for remote parameter adjustment of HART sensors.

Typical applications are measured value transmission in conjunction with mobile vessels, battery-operated level measurement and deep well measurements.

The PLICSMOBILE T81 is particularly suitable for data exchange with the web-based visualisation software VEGA Inventory System.


First Line at B2-K13

Firstline is a leading Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) pressure vessel and cartridge housing manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in FRP pressure vessel engineering. It has recently supplied 406 pieces of Firstline FRP pressure vessels to Shangdong Bohui Paper wastewater recycling and zero liquid discharge project with a 30,000 m3/day capacity. It is considered one of the largest zero liquid discharge projects in the market and is successfully in operation since March 2018.

The 406 pieces of Firstline FRP pressure vessels consisted of 126 pieces from the F80-1800S-7 (8-inch diameter, 7 element long, 1800psi) model and 280 pieces from the F80-1200S-6 (8-inch diameter, 6 element long, 1200psi) model.

With an engineering team from the prestigious Harbin Institute of Technology, Firstline has been focusing on research and development of high polymer materials, pressure vessel structure and resin system design.

Over the years, Firstline has developed into one of the largest RO pressure vessels and Cartridge housings producer in China, with accredited certifications from ASME, NSF, ISO9001, SGS and CE. Firstline has delivered over 300,000 pressure vessels to more than 32 countries, supplying to major industries such as power generation and electronics as well as for municipal sectors such as water and wastewater treatment applications.

Committed to innovation & excellence, Firstline undergoes rigorous quality control standards with no compromise on high quality raw material selections and using state of the art equipment to produce RO pressure vessels, Cartridge housings and Cartridge filters of the highest quality. An extensive product portfolio includes: 

  • Firstline RO pressure vessels come in different sizes: 2.5-inch, 4-inch and 8-inch diameters, one to eight elements long, 150 to 2000 psi operating pressure and multiple side ports of up to four ports.
  • EuroTec Cartridge housings can house a full line of cartridge filters ranging from 20-inch to 120-inch length. They can also load multi-elements of up to 54 filters into a single housing with side and end connection type.
  • EuroTec Cartridge filters come in both pleated & nylon filter types with 4-inch and 8-inch diameters and a rating ranging from 1 micron to 100 micron-- catering to superior high flow and backwash capabilities.
  • Maxflow purification system is an innovative pre-engineered smart rack system design, connecting FRP headers to the cartridge housings, hence eliminating the need of using couplings and adaptors for significant cost savings.