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April 2019

Purifying water with graphene

wastewater treatment

Scientists from the National University of Science and Technology and colleagues from Derzhavin Tambov State University and Saratov Chernyshevsky State University have figured out that graphene is capable of purifying water, making it drinkable without further chlorination. Graphene and graphene oxide (a more stable version of the material in …

PAE holds symposium on ‘Water stress’

Pakistan, water stress, water management

Speakers at a symposium held to discuss water stress said that the recycling of wastewater could play a key role in reducing water stress in Pakistan. The symposium was organised by the Pakistan Academy of Engineering (PAE), focusing on groundwater resource management, water distribution management, the handling of wastewater and utilising the …

IDA to present seventh Action4Good International Conference, “Creating Resilient Solutions to Water Needs”

International Desalination Association, conference, water treatment

The International Desalination Association (IDA) will present its seventh Action4Good International Conference, May 12-14, 2019 in Santa Margherita, Italy. With its theme, “Creating Resilient Solutions to Water Needs,” the conference will address critical water, energy and environmental issues and examine the role of advanced water …

Xylem launches new dry-pit pump testing facility in Sweden


Xylem has unveiled a new dry test pit for large-capacity pumps at its global manufacturing plant in Emmaboda, Sweden. The new facility will enable testing of wastewater pumps up to 20,000 pounds (lbs) in horizontal and vertical configurations in a dry environment. Customers can receive in-depth and exact performance data for their intended …