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inge GmbH remains operational

inge GmbH, coronavirus, COVID-19

inge GmbH - now a DuPont brand - is seeking to assure its customers that the company will remain operational during the current COVID-19 pandemic, and has been monitoring the recent outbreak and global situation. The company has stated that its leadership is paying attention to the continuity of the business, with two key priorities of protecting …

Kurita announces merger of US subsidiaries

Kurita, Kurita America, merger

Japan-based Kurita Water Industries has announced the merger of its US subsidiaries to form a new combined company named as Kurita America. To be headquartered in St. Michael, Minnesota, Kurita America will be formed by merging four consolidated subsidiaries including US Water Services, Texas-based Kurita America, Fremont Industries, and Global …

US team tracks coronavirus in wastewater

wastewater, research, coronavirus, COVID-19

Researchers in the USA say they can use sewage surveillance to determine if the virus exists in a community, even if people have no symptoms, and can also ensure the effectiveness of a municipality’s wastewater treatment process. “Testing the wastewater gives you an idea of the number of cases within a community and if the numbers are …

TEPCO simulates release of Fukushima wastewater

Japan, Fukushima, wastewater, nuclear

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has made public a simulation showing the flow of radioactive wastewater released into the ocean from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. TEPCO says winds and tides will spread the wastewater in an elongated shape along the coastline. The Japanese government has been looking into ways to dispose of the …

Wastewater sampling: A barometer of COVID-19?

wastewater treatment, water sampling, wastewater sampling, research, COVID-19, coronavirus

Statistics during a pandemic can make for grim reading: Frequent headlines about the number of people diagnosed with COVID-19, as well as the mortality rate from these figures, are bombarding us as the news channels go into overdrive. Governments around the world are making strong political promises to increase the amount of testing to follow in …

WEF releases WATER’S WORTH IT toolkit highlighting role of water sector in coronavirus response

Water Environment Federation, WEF, toolkit, water sector, coronavirus, COVID-19

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) has released a new WATER’S WORTH IT toolkit to raise public awareness about the vital role of water utilities and workers in the coronavirus response.  The high-impact materials highlight the critical need for water and wastewater services during this unprecedented time and recognises the …

Study says poop provides early sign coronavirus cases will rise

Netherlands, COVID-19, coronavirus, research, study, wastewater treatment, sewage

Scientists in the Netherlands recently detected COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, in a city’s sewage system before any cases were officially reported by human testing, indicating that wastewater tests could be used as an early warning sign of rising coronavirus cases. Researchers found COVID-19 in the wastewater in the city …