China Everbright Water secures upgrading project for Suzhou plant

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Mainboard-listed China Everbright Water has recently secured an effluent upgrading project for the Jiangsu Suzhou Wuzhong Chengnan Waste Water Treatment Plant, it said on Monday.

China Everbright Water will invest around 109 million yuan (S$21.7 million) in the project, which will operate under a Build-Operate-Transfer model.

The concession period will expire concurrently with Suzhou Chengnan Plant, which has a total designed waste water treatment capacity of 150,000 cubic metres.

The upgrading project will adopt enhanced AAO (Anaerobic-AnoxicOxic) and advanced treatment processes.

The company said: "The discharged water will comply with the Discharge Standard of Main Water Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants and Key Industries of the Taihu Area (DB32/1072-2018) and the Suzhou Special Discharge Limits."

An Xuesong, chief executive of China Everbright Water, said: "Suzhou Chengnan upgrading project will improve the efficiency and quality of waste water treatment at Suzhou Chengnan Plant and as such, this will provide better support to the ecological and environmental protection and management in Taihu Basin. In addition, the project will further solidify Everbright Water's market position in Suzhou and the Taihu Basin area, and serve as a demonstration project to other upgrading projects in the Jiangsu area."

China Everbright Water shares closed up one Singapore cent or 3.28% to S$0.315 on Monday.