Armstrong’s Design Envelope Generation 5 pumps meet the IE5 efficiency standard


Armstrong Fluid Technology’s new line of Generation 5 pumps, including the Tango™ parallel pumps shown above, now meet the IE5 efficiency standard for motors.

Armstrong Fluid Technology announced that its recently-launched line of Design Envelope Generation 5 pumps now not only meet the IE5 efficiency standard for motors, but are also capable of delivering up to 96.6 per cent motor efficiency. This line includes the new Design Envelop Tango™ parallel pumps and Design Envelope Vertical In-Line pumps up to 10hp.

Armstrong Design Envelope pumps were already operating well above the established North American efficiency standards. Additionally, the new Generation iECM motor technology also meets the tougher IE5 efficiency standards for European markets.

“Design Envelope Generation 5 pumps with iECM™ motor technology deliver both the lowest installed cost and unmatched efficiency over the operating life of the pump,” Neil Cooper, Armstrong’s Director, Global Sales Enablement, said. “Meeting the IE5 efficiency standard represents a 20 per cent reduction in motor energy losses from IE4.”