Alfa Laval’s global service network and 360° Service Portfolio extend equipment performance

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Maintaining the edge over competitors is never easy: Operations must be continually improved, and production capabilities optimised.

Alfa Laval aims to help users stay competitive by minimising costs and maximising returns on equipment investment, with the company’s global service network and 360° Service Portfolio to support user operations at all times.

Correct maintenance is crucial
Extending equipment performance relies on the correct maintenance procedures being observed. Magnus Christersson, Division Manager at Service Nordic, Alfa Laval explained, “performing regular maintenance on your equipment is key to reducing costs and securing uptime in production.”

Alfa Laval’s global service network is driven by customer needs, dedicated to securing production uptime, being readily available, providing quality service and optimisation to ensure customers’ peace of mind.

Proper service, performed at the right time, saves money and prevents unplanned interruptions. Alfa Laval’s experts have the skills, experience and procedures to spot problems before they occur.

Alfa Laval’s dedicated team gets the right parts to where users need them – in the right number and in as little time as possible. Christersson continued, “we deliver on the availability of our field service engineers and technical salespeople. We understand your need for a speedy response when it comes to your production and try to respond to all requests within one day.”

To safeguard the quality of operations, only genuine Alfa Laval spare parts are used, which are manufactured for safe, reliable performance. “Our quality relates to anything from spare parts, to the quality of our field service engineers, who are not only fully qualified, but are part of our global network within Alfa Laval, serving your needs wherever you are,” said Christersson.

The challenges customers face may change over time. New media and capacities appear, as do changes in regulations and other business drivers. Solutions are available to adapt equipment based on the latest technology and Alfa Laval experience worldwide. By listening closely to the needs of the user, the experts of Alfa Laval’s global network are able to provide the right solutions.

Preventive maintenance - prevent problems before they occur
By servicing equipment only when necessary, users can ensure operational reliability and maintain performance. Preventive Maintenance reduces unplanned stops, increases equipment lifetime and reduces workplace accidents. It also enables users to make the best use of resources and reduce spare parts stock.

Preventive maintenance is performed as a stand-alone service when equipment has been in operation for a certain number of hours, and at a fixed interval to avoid unplanned stops. The service can also be part of a Performance Agreement. Experts analyse operating conditions, determine accurate maintenance intervals based on various factors, including type of application as well as the usage and condition of the equipment, supply genuine spare parts, and perform maintenance on board, on site or in one of the Alfa Laval Service Centres.