Aclarity surpasses $1m in pre-seed funding for electromechanical water purification product to address global water crises

Aclarity,water treatment

Aclarity, a cleantech company addressing global water crises through innovative water purification, today announced it has closed its initial venture capital pre-seed round. Three Massachusetts-based firms now back Aclarity, including the Maroon Venture Partners Fund, Springfield Venture Fund (created by MassMutual), and the Alchemy Group. The new capital will be used to accelerate a go-to-market strategy, expand into new product lines, and scale operational capacity.

Aclarity was founded in 2017 by Julie Bliss Mullen and Barrett Mully in response to the decreasing supply of viable drinking water worldwide. After years of product development building on Mullen’s original PhD research conducted at the University of Massachusetts, Aclarity launched its core patent-pending product in Spring 2019. This innovative device uses electricity to destroy harmful pathogens, metals, bacteria and other impurities from water. The result is a scalable, highly effective, and cost-efficient solution for homes, offices, and industrial facilities. The company began selling the product commercially in mid-2019 and is now taking orders.

“Clean water is one of our most precious resources, and we must fight hard to protect it,” said Mullen, CEO. “Our technology has proven to be so powerful and versatile that it has the ability to be a disruptive force for drinking water, reclaimed water, industrial wastewater - you name it. The possibilities for scalability are endless, which is exciting, and positions us at the forefront to solve the massive water problems that need combatting today.”

Different from other water purification systems that use filtration or chemicals to separate and trap contaminants, Aclarity’s innovative technology uses electricity to destroy foreign toxins. Because the electrodes are regenerative and filters are not required, maintenance needs and costs are substantially reduced.

“Aclarity is a wonderful contribution to the Maroon Fund portfolio and is a great example of the important research being commercialised from the UMass Amherst campus,” said Charlie Johnson, managing director at the Maroon Fund.

After successful pilot demonstrations globally, Aclarity has begun both direct sales and partnerships with water industry leaders to deliver its solutions to homes, offices, and industrial applications worldwide. The team is building on its evidence base by pursuing National Sanitation Foundation certification.