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Short Interest in Evoqua Water Technologies Corp (NYSE:AQUA) Decreases By 9.3 per cent


Evoqua Water Technologies Corp (NYSE:AQUA) was the target of a significant drop in short interest in the month of June. As of June 30th, there was short interest totalling 3,215,600 shares, a drop of 9.3 per cent from the May 30th total of 3,544,800 shares. Approximately 4.2 per cent of the shares of the company are short sold. Based on an average …

Wastewater desalination company Atlantis Technologies announces partnership with Brazilian water tank giant Fortlev

Desalination, Atlantis Technologies, Brazalian, Fortlev, Water Tank

Atlantis Technologies is proud to announce a distribution and manufacturing partnership with Brazilian water tank and system manufacturer Fortlev. Headquartered in Vitoria, Brazil, Fortlev is South America’s largest tank builder, with eight large factories across Brazil and more than 100,000 customers. Fortlev (Portuguese for …

New Jersey American Water Clamps Down on Pipe Breaks


In late October, the Water Loss Control Project Manager for New Jersey American Water (NJAW), Ron Oppenheimer, received a notification alert that their EchoShore®-DX acoustic leak detection nodes had identified a possible leak. The Echologics Leak Operations Center (LOC) reported the potential leak, located about 1,400 feet away from the node. …

Training water experts to meet the challenges of climate change and urbanisation


In March, 39 managers of urban water and sanitation services began their “SUEZ-Urban services management” AgroParisTech Chair Executive Masters programme in Montpellier. Through their training, this group of men and women from Myanmar, Pakistan, Vietnam, Kenya, Sudan, Ivory Coast and other Asian and African regions will become …

OriginClear White Paper demonstrates that treating water on-site combats global warming and improves the environment

OriginClear, white paper, pollution, water treatment, wastewater treatment

OriginClear Inc. has published an industry white paper which finds that by treating water on-site using a Modular Water System (MWS), businesses can greatly reduce water costs, improve the environment and even combat global warming. Highlights of the white paper include the current state of the U.S. centralized water treatment, a 1950s type model …

Analysing Wastewater Produced from Fracking

fracking, analysis, wastewater treatment

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly called ‘fracking’, is a mining technique used to extract natural gas and oil from deep underground that involves drilling a well into bedrock, typically shale, and injecting high-pressure fluid. The fluid releases the target fossil fuels. The fluid used in fracking contains about 85 per cent water and 13 …

Thailand: State agencies determined to bring 'water polluter' to book

Thailand, water pollution

Two state agencies say they are determined an ethanol factory will pay for polluting the Mae Klong River in October 2016 and are demanding almost six million baht (SGD $265,873) for damage caused to the environment. Pralong Damrongthai, head of the Pollution Control Department (PCD), said his department and the Fisheries Department will continue …