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A round-up of global advice


The outbreak of a respiratory illness, known as COVID-19, continues to spread around the world. With one of the primary pieces of advice to regularly wash hands thoroughly to prevent the transfer of the disease, it means more than ever that the provision of clean and safe water by utilities is vital to stop the disease spreading. During times of …

Combat water shortages with membrane elements from LANXESS


Solar-powered reverse osmosis membrane elements from LANXESS’ Lewabrane brand are used in the village Burani; Kenya, to turn raw water with a high salt content of 4,800 ppm into potable water The topics “water and climate protection” are increasingly receiving attention and, on March 22, will form the focus of this year’s …

COVID-19 pandemic will force companies around the world to radically rethink how they operate and embrace technological investment

ABI Research, white paper, coronavirus

The Coronovirus outbreak and the worldwide reaction to the pandemic will force companies to radically rethink how they operate and embrace technological investment, states global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research. In its new white paper, Taking Stock of COVID-19: The Short- and Long-Term Ramifications on Technology and End Markets, ABI …

CloserStill Media launches Green World Asia as sustainability-focused platform for business

Green World Asia, CloserStill Media, sustainability, Utilities

CloserStill Media is launching a new B2B event, Green World Asia, that will connect sustainability-driven innovations to senior decision-makers and their procurement chains from various industries. The show will focus on four key pillars across the exhibition showcase and conference programme: Utilities, Resources, Materials and Food Waste. Green …

Need for sustainable water management solutions increasing growth of water and wastewater treatment chemicals

water treatment, chemicals, wastewater treatment, market report

Lack of water management, one of the most influential problems faced by humans presently, has been directly impacting public health, because of the pervasive wastage of land, surface water, as well as groundwater, which are among the most basic sustainability needs. The increasing water stress level across the globe is causing deterioration of …

Aeration tank organic overload resolved by Landia mixers

Landia, aeration, mixers

The introduction of five Landia mixers has brought about significant improvements to the biological and dewatering processes at the recently upgraded Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Milton, Pennsylvania. Serving six municipalities in Northern Northumberland County, the new-look Milton Regional Sewer Authority (MRSA) WWTP has been designed so …

Ofwat chief urges suppliers to “be assertive”

Ofwat, British Water

Ofwat’s chief executive Rachel Fletcher urged members of the supply community to actively engage with water companies and be assertive to ensure their voices are heard ahead of the 2020-2025 investment period. Addressing suppliers in a podcast interview with British Water chief executive Lila Thompson, Fletcher said: “Please engage …