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Red tide monitoring in the Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico, algal bloom, pollution

In 2018, the Florida red tide made global headlines, a 16-month ordeal that started around October 2017 and that didn’t subside until February 2019. Though Florida has experienced lengthier red tides, the 2018 red tide gained broader public awareness thanks to social media and an information-hungry public that wanted to understand causes and …

Editor’s pickGreen pump technology against the drought

Andritz, Pumps, Technology, Drought, Water Management

In the Wala and Lib pumping stations, in addition to the multi-stage, axial split case pumps also ANDRITZ high-pressure pumps from the HP43 series are installed – due to their high efficiency, they have a strictly ecological orientation As the fourth-driest country in the world, up to 92 per cent of Jordan is covered by deserts and …

AFRICA: Scientists initiate SafeWaterAfrica for wastewater treatment

Africa, SafeWaterAfrica, wastewater treatment, disinfection, sanitation

African and European researchers are currently working on the implementation of the SafeWaterAfrica operation. It's about the development of a concept for a small wastewater treatment plant, which is being installed in Ressano Garcia, Mozambique. A wastewater treatment plant will be installed in Ressano Garcia, a small town in southern Mozambique …

Flygt pump operates for 34 maintenance-free years at Lebanon beach resort

Xylem, SACOM

Located on the outskirts of Beirut, the popular Holiday Beach Resort boasts a complex of 600 chalets and bungalows, swimming pools, a sandy beach and marina. At the time of its construction in 1985, 280 of its chalets were connected directly to the sewer line, while the remaining 320 were connected to a sump pit served by a single Flygt pump …

Insects inspire greener, cheaper membranes for desalination

desalination, technology

A new membrane made from water-wet materials has specially designed gas-entrapping pores that allow it to simultaneously separate hot, salty from cool, pure water while facilitating the transfer of pure vapor from one side to the other. This principle, designed by KAUST researchers, could lead to greener, cheaper desalination …

Editor’s pickSoren Kvorning: More must be done for Water Sector

Danfoss, Asia Pacific, Soren Kvorning, Water

President of Danfoss Asia Pacific Region Soren Kvorning speaking at the Energy Efficiency Summit hosted by Danfoss According to a report done by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, almost 50 per cent of the Southeast Asian (SEA) population will be living in cities, and governments across SEA are under immense pressure to meet the demands of …