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Could desalination’s digital twin makeover be the future?

desalination, digital twins, digitalisation, smart technology, water treatment, wastewater treatment

Digital twin (DT) modelling has helped to improve water utility networks, but now the approach is being used to digitalise desalination plants. An exact digital version of the Al Khobar 1 desalination plant in Saudi Arabia is being created, before its construction has been completed. The project is the result of a broader alliance between the …

UN-Water launch analytical brief on unconventional water resources

UN Water, water resources

Water scarcity is recognised as a key challenge to sustainable development and as a potential cause of social unrest and of conflict within and between countries. At the same time water is increasingly considered as an instrument for international cooperation to support food production, livelihoods, ecosystems, climate change adaption, and …

Editor’s pickPFAS, forever chemicals forecasted to drive S$16.8 billion in water utilities’ spend over next decade

Bluefield Research, PFAS, forever chemicals, water pollution, water treatment, wastewater treatment

Mounting public concerns and new state regulations in the U.S. are compelling water & wastewater utilities to address health risks associated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) – a class of pervasive chemicals found in drinking water and wastewater byproducts. According to a new report from Bluefield Research, …

BlueTech Research and Imagine H2O strengthen partnership

BlueTech Research, Imagine H2O

Two leading water organisations have strengthened their relationship as part of a shared mission to positively impact the sector, support the entrepreneurial business ecosystem and create value through innovation, investment and technology.  In an era where water resilience is more important than ever, BlueTech Research, a provider of water …

Hatching new solutions for boiler corrosion

Cortec, wastewater treatment, water treatment

Cortec® Corporation is proud to unveil its new Boiler Egg™, an exciting companion to an innovative line of water treatment “animals” for corrosion protection of industrial water systems. These water treatment animals reduce the risk of extra downtime, clogging, leakage, and shortened service life that comes from corrosion. …

Editor’s pickCzech researchers: Wastewater analysis could predict a second wave of coronavirus

coronavirus, COVID-19, research, Czech Republic, wastewater treatment, water monitoring

A system detecting the novel coronavirus in wastewater might serve as a warning of a new infection wave, research of the T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute (VUV) in Prague has shown. Researchers have revealed coronavirus traces in wastewater from small water treatment plants. Samples taken Tuesday will now be assessed to find out how accurate …