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Water Sector Groups Announce Water Week 2016


Clean Water Advocacy, Education and Innovation Come to Capitol Hill A diverse group of U.S. water sector organizations will join forces next month in Washington, DC for Water Week 2016. Scheduled for April 10-16, this annual event provides an opportunity for water professionals to advocate for national policies that advance clean and safe waters …

GE Introduces New Digital Technology for On-Site Testing of Crude Oil at Refineries


GE (NYSE: GE) today introduced new predictive analytics software and laboratory equipment for the on-site testing of crude oil to determine how the oil might affect a refinery before processing even begins. GE’s CrudePLUS* significantly reduces the analysis time of crude oil and can lead to streamlined operations, less fouling and increased …

Emerson introduces a new non-intrusive temperature solution that delivers accurate and repeatable process temperature measurement while simplifying design, installation and maintenance


Rosemount™ X-well™ Technology is a complete point solution for accurately measuring process temperature without the need for a thermowell or process penetration Rosemount X-well technology provides an accurate, repeatable process temperature measurement while eliminating possible leak points and simplifying specification, …