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Editor’s pick11 companies selected to join Imagine H2O Asia 2020

Imagine H2O, water industry, water technology

Across South and South East Asia, the pursuit for new water solutions is intensifying as utilities and businesses strive to protect and sustain increasingly scarce resources. 11 global water technology startups have been selected to join Imagine H2O Asia 2020, to each provide a distinct water innovation opportunity to alleviate the mounting water …

Unorthodox desalination method could transform global water management

study, desalination, wastewater treatment, water treatment, Colombia, water management

Water security is becoming an urgent global challenge. Hundreds of millions of people already live in water-scarce regions, and the UN projects that by 2030 about half the world’s population will be living in highly water-stressed areas. This will be a crisis even for developed countries like the U.S., where water managers in 40 states …

Collaboration promotes innovation in water resource security

British Water, IWA, webinar

Two leading organisations in the water industry are collaborating on webinars to demonstrate global innovation taking place in the field of water resources management.  In a first for the sector, British Water is partnering the International Water Association (IWA) through its UK governing member, the IWA UK committee, on the live …