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Aspen Water Presents OriginClear Products in Middle East

Aspen Water, OriginClear

OriginClear Inc (OTC: OCLN) has reported that Dallas-based Aspen Water Inc is currently presenting OriginClear products under its own brand at trade shows in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Baghdad, which began in February and will wrap up during March. “All of our products must fit easily into a helicopter or a small truck or van,” said Ed …

Envirosight Releases New Wireless Jetscan HD Video Nozzle


Envirosight has released a new wireless Jetscan HD video nozzle. The first generation of the Jetscan transformed jetting and cleaning work, providing operators a simple method to assess pipe condition and verify proper cleaning without calling in a CCTV truck. Now, Jetscan is wireless, capable of streaming HD video footage straight to a tablet …

EPA Announces Development of Water Reuse Action Plan

water reuse

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the development of a Water Reuse Action Plan that will leverage the expertise of both industry and government to ensure the effective use of the Nation’s water resources. “The Nation’s water resources are the lifeblood of our communities, and the federal government has …

China Grants Millions to Cities to Tackle Water Pollution

China, wastewater, pollution

The Chinese government has announced that it will provide a handful of cities with additional funding to allow them to clean up their highly-polluted rivers and waterways. Approximately 20 cities were selected for the pilot scheme at the end of last year, with more being earmarked for future years if all goes well. Each of the chosen cities will …

Digital Water Works, Inc Receives Strategic Investment from Bentley Systems


Digital Water Works has announced a strategic investment in the firm by Bentley Systems. The investment allows Digital Water Works and Bentley to expand their leadership in bringing superior infrastructure digital twin solutions to municipal and investor-owned water and wastewater utilities worldwide — solutions with the power to enhance …

Tennessee communities get $66.8m in drinking, wastewater loans


Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Commissioner David Salyers announced that five communities will receive $66.8 million (SGD 90.5 million) in low-interest loans for clean water and drinking water infrastructure improvements. The loans announced are for the City of Chattanooga, the City of …

Waterloo seeks source of fish in sewer lines


The city of Waterloo has hired consultants to help find a big leak in its sanitary sewer lines. Waste Management Services Director Steve Hoambrecker said foot-long carp are showing up at the waste water treatment plant when the Cedar River level surges above 16 feet. “When the river goes up our flows go up at the plant,” Hoambrecker …